We mainly shoot branded content (e.g. trainingseries, short documentaries, commercials), music videos and event highlight films for advertising on social media.

Our slogan: You have a crazy idea, we make it happen!

As experienced climbers and filmmakers we can deliver high quality footage even in very challenging conditions, while working safe and responsible. Over the years we have worked with professional athlets like climbers, Track and field athletes, Ninja Warriors, Slackliners, Mountaineers and many more.

We belive that every job has it’s own needs and challenges. Together with the client we will find the best way to bring the project to life. We love working with bigger crews in a more controlled enviroment, but we also love the one man army for documentaries and events. We have an established network of creatives, who can support us on a project to project base.


Every name has a back story, right? Some are worth to be told, others should better remain secret.

We want to make ours public.

It all started when Leon Buchholz first started shooting analog film in his freetime. He loved the look and feel film brought, but also realized that shooting film is fuck*** expensive. Being a poor student, he looked for ways to bring down the cost. He brought a c41 homedeveloping kit andstarted developing and scanning film at home.

As soon as his friends got notice he got asked to develop their film. Kindly as he his, he started developing analog film for his friends and they started calling his place „Labor BB“.

But what does the „BB“ stand for, you may ask?

It may be: „Berge und Berlin“, „Brot und Bier“, „Bummeln und Braten“

We will leave it open for you to find out, what „BB“ stands for – this is your creative freedom.